3DGEOCLOUD Winner the Enel Green Power worldwide topographical SURVEY TENDER

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We are pleased to announce that 3DGEOCLOUD has awarded an important contract with Enel Green Power for “Worldwide Topographical Survey” services.

We obtained the highest score and, therefore, WE RANKED FIRST thanks to a strong and winning combination. Indeed, we share this success with another qualified Italian company, BFP.

Through this 2-years Framework Agreement, our activities will cover worldwide traditional topographical surveys and celerimetric GNSS, Laser Scanner or Total Station Surveys, Aero-photogrammetry and Lidar Surveys carried out by UAV or airplane, detection survey for non-accessible structures, architectural surveys of existing buildings (traditional or laser scanner surveys), and direct or indirect bathymetric surveys.

The continuous growth of our company and the important goals achieved reinforce our idea that, today more than ever, focusing on innovation, experimentation and continuous training is a winning choice … ”, geom. Luca Tafuro (co-founder 3Deocloud), declared  “Today we are the first provider of topographical services for one of the major international companies in the Renewable Energy sector, confirming our strategy and motivating us to further improve ourselves. A special thanks to BFP team and its Chairman, Eng. Gianluca Biscotti, because their experience in the engineering sector contributed to the achievement of this prestigious success

Quoting the well-known Michael Jordan, “Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championship”.

Our partner’s website: https://bfpgroup.net

Intervista del Consiglio Nazionale dei Geometri

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Una vita da Geometra – STORIE DI SUCCESSO

Con enorme piacere siamo stati coinvolti dalla Presidenza del Consiglio Nazionale dei Geometri, per rappresentare il nostro impegno nel settore dei Beni Monumentali, insieme ad altre importanti realtà Italiane.

Per noi è stato un importante riconoscimento verso i sacrifici e le soddisfazioni che la nostra Professione ci sta offrendo.

Il Geometra è tra le figure professionali più antiche al mondo, eppure negli ultimi anni sta seguendo un evoluzione esponenziale, direttamente proporzionale al rapido sviluppo della tecnologia applicata alla Geomatica. Noi, da parte nostra, impegniamo grossa parte del nostro tempo nella circa e sviluppo di nuove tecniche e strumentazione di misura ed elaborazione.